"I'm not a classic sales guy!"

"I'm not a classic sales guy!"

"I'm not a born salesman!"

"I'm not a born salesman!"

"My problem is that I can't sell (myself) well."

"My problem is that I can't sell (myself) well."

Do these sentences sound familiar? Are these possibly even your own beliefs about acquisition?

Let me directly demystify these myths and prejudices of salespeople and the topic of acquisition. The fact is, everyone is a salesperson and almost all conversations are sales conversations. We are all salespeople at any given moment and we all already sell successfully every day – whether consciously or unconsciously.

Therefore, these are skills that you already have in you and are already using successfully. Now these skills need to be rediscovered or reproduced in a different context and used consciously. So you too can go out as a trained salesperson and conquer your market. In my offerings, you or your sales team will learn strategies that have proven successful over a long period of time through various industries and are universally applicable.

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Go Hunting or go home

Because if you can't hunt, you're not a real salesperson. (Cold) acquisition is and remains the supreme discipline in sales. Many critical voices say that in times of online marketing and social media, classic telephone canvassing and cold calling in the trade area is not (anymore) up to date. The goal of Hunting is to specifically identify and address the decision-makers in the target companies. It requires a strategic approach. Therefore, KPIS like 50 calls a day are simply impossible.
The seminars teach what a strategic approach looks like and how to proceed efficiently and purposefully in order to reach the decision-makers, set deadlines and close the deals. Here, the Hunter not only receives step-by-step instructions as a telephone guide, but also individual feedback on his telephone calls. Not only the skillset is taken into account, but above all the hunter's mindset.

Inside SAles & CallCenter

Whether external inside sales teams in call centers or internally at the companies are trained to build up a high clock rate in a short time. Some inside sales teams are only tasked with penetrating the market, generating leads and appointments for the sales force. Other Inside Sales are tasked with closing smaller deals already over the phone and servicing "smaller" customers over the phone. Depending on the strategic orientation of the team, training can be customized to meet individual needs. In the process, inside sales agents receive individual feedback to quickly improve their performance.

Sales Coaching bei Stöer mit Lily Mizani
Live Sales Coaching mit Lily Mizani

HeartcoreSales Presentation

The 1st hurdle is passed and you have set your appointment? The art of setting up and conducting a conversation with sales psychology and rhetoric and delivering a convincing presentation are decisive for sales. In the "Heartcore Sales Presentation "the techniques of the pros are revealed to condition the customer to a "YES" and close the deal.

Train the TRainer

Most people avoid seminars because they fear a boring event. Train the Trainer teaches how to convey content to our audience with joy and ease. The psychology of learning forms the basis for this. Trainers are given a concept that is psychologically structured to facilitate the delivery of the content and make it easier for the audience to absorb. It results in an active learning environment so that content can be directly applied and put into practice so that direct successes become visible.

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"This was the best, most motivating, effective, positive and educational training and coaching I've ever had; and that's with my own coaching experience and 27 years in IT Sales. GENIAL.
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