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Michael d. / Intellishop AG

Hellena E. / Sales Manager Conled Lichtcontracting GmbH

Anna H. / Next Mannheim

Kristina H. / Project Manager Opportunity Users in Social Impact Lab Frankfurt

Liam F. / Founder and CEO Zanabaq

Sally S. / Founder Mentalstark

Alexander G. / Founder and Managing Director n.easy UG

" We came across Lily's website through a random internet search. Your slogan "Heartcoresales" convinced us immediately. Then when we met Lily in person with her incredible energy, it was immediately clear to us that it's not just a brand name, but distribution through and through is Lily's heart's desire. She managed to motivate the entire team and spur them on to top performance. Cold calling on the phone was a "red rag" for all employees until Lily's training. She has given the team tools that make each step of cold calling almost a breeze. With passion, she has shown the way to success. However, your training is not only a guide to success but also an emotional reorientation. She has taken the team to a new level. Since her training, the entire sales team has been working together as a team, supporting each other and enjoying the daily acquisition process. This is where the successes come from. We are looking forward to the next trainings with Lily.
Manuela Z.
Managing Director Fotofix Schnellphotoautomaten GmbH
"This was the best, most motivating, effective, positive and educational training and coaching I've ever had; and that's with my own coaching experience and 27 years in IT Sales. GENIAL."
Christian ist glücklicher Kunde von Heartcoresales
Christian M.
Chief Customer Success Officer - Pokeshot GmbH
"I had the pleasure of meeting Lily at a seminar "Professional Telephone Acquisition in B2B Sales" at the IHK. Her cheerful, infectious manner, coupled with seemingly never-ending sales power, was not only contagious, but also extremely motivating. I really hope this was not the last seminar with her!!!"
Carsten W.
Technical Assistant to the Management NSG GmbH
"Thank you for your seminar at Stattkapital. Lily Mizani's B2B training gave me structure and motivation for the sales process. Before, the topic of B2B was very cloudy for me and simply an unpleasant idea. Now I have a clear course of action in mind. And the whole thing without the feeling of having to lay it on thick at any point or deny myself as a person. Thank you so much, Lily!
Ruth H.
" In mid-May, you joined my team at the site for sales training. In addition to a breath of fresh air and many new approaches for the team, you brought with you your incredibly warm, authentic manner. That gave me incredible encouragement, and from that I learned probably the most valuable lesson for me: You can and may be natural in sales and still be successful (I didn't have to stop speaking Ruhrpott!). Your training has given me another step, or two, three, four, five.... Steps, carried further in the right direction, but you already know that 🙂. You have managed, within a short time, to turn my profession into my passion. Thank you very much for this! Anne
Annemarie M.
Sales Manager B2B Online and Inside Sales at Avedo GmbH
"Lily Mizani conducted a sales webinar as part of women&work that was met with great enthusiasm. Not only is Lily a real "power bundle" when it comes to sales, but her passion and deep conviction for the heartfelt approach she teaches make her a very special trainer who stands out in the other sales monotony in a very positive, colorful and human way. If you want to go the HEART way in sales, you should - no: must - work with Lily!"
Heartcoresales Referenzen Logo women & work
Melanie V.
Entrepreneur, initiator of women&work
"The seminar with Lily was great. It's not just about sales, but about mindset and empowerment. I came in without any concrete idea how to start with Sales, but I came out highly motivated with concrete instructions and procedures. Lily is the perfect trainer/coach/mentor because she is able to pick up each person in the group and take them on the journey and it goes by way too fast."
Carina Z.
CEO & Co-Founder Taxtastic
" Coaching with Lily is always a lot of fun for me! Through her clear, focused manner, she helps me put words into action directly in coaching. I love the dynmische Zusammenrbeit with her and could already celebrate direct successes! Thank you, dear Lily.
Nina W.
Cocoa love GbR
"The coaching with Lily has helped us incredibly with the topic of sales and has lifted our customer acquisition to a new level. The sessions with her are practical, fun and inspiring and I highly recommend her to any founder!"
Sebastain S.
Co - Founder Synthavo
"Thank you for the great day and your commitment. It was a lot of fun and we are very happy to have done the training with you.
Dipl.-Ing. Saribek K. MBA
Co - Founder Visual Abstract
"As part of the "Startup Track" support program of the Social Impact Lab Frankfurt, I got to know and value Ms. Lily Mizani first in the form of a one-day workshop and then in individual coaching. With her open-minded, positive and direct approach - coupled with assertiveness, experience and charm - she was able to motivate all participants to successfully establish a targeted approach with the customer. Due to Ms. Mizani's particularly successful point of view - namely to acquire with heart and intuition - I subsequently applied for individual coaching. In a very short time, I was introduced to the potential of failure and the resulting increased accuracy to convince the counterpart: A win customers! I highly recommend her patience and expertise to people who are shy and reserved but still want to successfully sell their product/service. Lily Mizani's commendable gift, I feel, is in guiding her "students hard but warm" into career advancement. Thank you so much - every lesson an "aha" moment!"
Nadine ist glückliche Kundin von Heartcoresales
Nadine T.
Creative Director ArtAspekt MEDIENPRODUKTION
" This way I would definitely like to thank you again, your valuable recommendations and time. It was important to me that this happens this year and that you also get an update / feedback. Nothing can be taken for granted - even if it is your vocation and passion to support and accompany other people on their acquisition/sales path. Without your valuable recommendation and support, many things would have been very different. In the meantime, I mainly speak with large companies and DAX companies (employees > than 3,000), here very often with the top level. Since decision-making paths are often longer, especially in large companies, there is currently no customer - but there are a lot of very exciting leads. I'll be happy to keep you posted, especially when we win one of these big clients.
Dirk N.
Media group from Berlin
"Self-esteem, that was the decisive reason to dedicate myself to smoking hypnosis. Lily rightly asked why I actually smoke when I know it knowingly harms the body. With 10 cigarettes a day and a desire to "be a non-smoker", I turned to hypnosis. I have to say, I am overwhelmed. I can't describe what exactly happened there. All I know is that a good 60min felt so incredibly relaxed and I completely lost space and time. A good 7 days after the hypnosis, I can claim almost no more smoking. I have gained control that the really unnecessary cigarettes have disappeared from the "Daily Routine". Currently, I manage to smoke a cigarette every 2nd day in the evening, spread over several days. I see it as a success and a good basis to continue working on myself. Hypnosis made me realize that you smoke for completely trivial reasons and that your own will is the key to self-respect. I would do it again anytime and will continue to work on myself. Thanks for this great experience Lily.
Maximilian Z.
Sales Management IT Group

More happy clients

Melanie W. / Founder and Managing Director WolffKids

Elisa H. / Founder and Managing Director Peers Solution GmbH

Ahmet T. / Managing Director Media Agency

Mirjam E. / Owner Me Agency

Marina E. / Founder and Managing Director Sklls GmbH

Tobias I. / Founder and Managing Director Zanabaq

"As a social entrepreneur, I need a sensitivity to communicating with very different stakeholders - companies, foundations, public institutions and private individuals. In 1:1 coaching, we jointly identified potential contacts and developed individual discussion guidelines for each situation. With her wonderful positive manner, Lily Mizani has also awakened the right mindset in me, so that I can now combine my acquisition activities with a lot of fun and joy!"
Referenzen und glückliche Kunden von Heartcoresales
Agnesa K.
Founder & Managing Director Family Playdates e.V.
"The Salesseminar by Lily, showed us as a strong growing startup how to build a structured sales force, create the right incentives for employees and ultimately how to close the deal with the customer. In the one-to-one coaching, we learned goal-oriented sales tricks that we pass on to our employees today and that contribute strongly to deal closing. On behalf of the entire Wow Screens team, we thank Lily very much for her amazing support."
Wow Screen Logo
Harun K.
Co-Founder and Managing Director Wow Screens
"[...] Especially the coaching with you, was and is for me a great help. Sales and telephone acquisition was always a red rag for me - you took away my "fear" of it and gave me many great tips. Looking back on this year for the still young SIGN TOURS, I say to you again very special THANK YOU 🙏 for the great support in our idea to bring deaf people and friends together worldwide in the most beautiful places!"
Marcus M.
Owner Sign Tours
"A big thank you Lily helped me jump over my own shadow - "just do it!". 💥 Thanks to her, we are in contact with an A customer! 🙌🏽 If you want to carry you and your product to the outside then you are, with the power woman with heart, at the right place 💛"
Ellis ist glückliche Kundin von Heartcoresales
Elli Le M.
Partnership Manager - Random Circles
"Sales Acquisition Training with Lily has taken away my inhibitions about making cold calls over the phone. Their training content had an immediate impact! Already after the first training with Lily I closed my first deals with GoldbergerFoods. With her charming manner, charming smile and the effective techniques, she provides a lot of sympathy and joy during the coaching. Lily has helped me to generate an energy of persuasion in myself that was rarely there before, which I now use and build upon in my sales conversations. Thank you Lily for your training and valuable advice!"
Heartcoresales Referenzen Logo goldberger
Sina S.
Managing Director GoldbergerFoods GmbH

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