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Every person is a salesperson! Almost all conversations are sales conversations. We are all salespeople at any given moment and we all already sell successfully every day – whether consciously or unconsciously. Now we need to bring to consciousness the strategies that we use unconsciously, so that we use them very consciously and purposefully. Thus, we achieve more leads and greater sales. Are you ready for your success booster?

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Success in sales
20 % Skillset 80 % Mindset

According to a study by Harvard Business Review, happy salespeople make up to 37% more sales. There are no bad sales people. There are only trained or untrained sales people – that’s the only difference.

Transform your sales

Coaching philosophy


(Cold) acquisition is and remains the supreme discipline in sales. In the seminars, the proven Heartcoresales approach is taught.

Sales Coaching bei Stöer mit Lily Mizani
Inside Sales & Call Center

In direct coaching, your Inside Sales Agents receive individual feedback to quickly improve their performance.

Coaching Raum - Heartcoresales
Heartcore Sales Presentation

Learn how to win every deal! In the Heartcoresales Presentation you will learn how sales psychology and rhetoric can make or break sales.

Bild aus dem Livecoaching mit Lily Mizani
Train the Trainer

In Train the Trainer you will learn how to take your audience by storm and convey content to them with joy and ease based on learning and sales psychology.

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"Social engagement is important to me!"

Therefore, Lily teaches as a guest lecturer at the Rhine-Main University of Applied Sciences "Business Start-Up" for the subject "Social Work". Approximately 50% of Lily's time is dedicated to social entrepreneurs.

Lily Mizani ist Gründerin von Heartcoresales
Founder's Heart

Not only a founder’s heart of its own – but also a heart for founders! Therefore, countless workshops, consultations, trainings, seminars and 1:1 coaching sessions are regularly held via the most renowned incubators, accelerators, business incubators and startup centers to promote startups. What are you waiting for?

Social Impact Workshop
Social Impact

Making a positive and social contribution to our society, entrepreneurial and sales culture is important. Social enterprises provide a social balance and solve challenges that affect our society. Heartcoresales supports these projects and stands for a healthy sales culture.

Frauenpower - Empowerment mit Heartcoresales
Women Power

According to a study by Boston Consulting, only 4% of all startups in Germany are founded by women.
Especially when it comes to the topic of acquisition, many often find it very difficult to get over themselves and make acquisitions. Yet women in particular are predestined for sales. The motto here is: get out of your comfort zone – get into the action.

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